1. Agapanthus
    Commonly known as "Lily of the Nile", agapanthus blooms in a ball at the top of a long stalk.
  2. Bird of Paradise
    Bird of Paradise
    These flowers add an exotic or tropical feel. The blooms can be manually opened by fanning out the orange tusks.
  3. Dahlia
    Dahlias are a common wedding flower in blush, cream, white, or burgundy.
  4. Lilies
    With many different sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from, lilies are an excellent focal flower.
  5. Rose
    Nothing is more classic and timeless than the standard rose.
  6. Ranunculus
    Another wedding favorite, ranunculus add a sense of delicacy with their thin, tightly spun petals.
  7. Shasta Daisy
    Shasta Daisy
    Daisies are a timeless, rustic flower that pair well with a wide variety of flowers from roses to sunflowers.
  8. Orchid
    Orchids have recently begun to reemerge as a floral favorite. They are exotic and elegant with multiple varieties and colors.
  9. Kermit Mum
    Kermit Mum
    Kermits are a great filler flower. Their bright green color complements the darker shade of most greenery.
  10. Tulip
    A spring-time favorite, these flowers bloom for a very limited season.
  11. Eryngium
    This thistle filler is most commonly periwinkle in color and pairs perfectly with roses to give an interesting texture.
  12. Calla Lily
    Calla Lily
    The trumpet-shaped blooms of the calla lily have become a traditional wedding favorite.
  13. Gerbera Daisy
    Gerbera Daisy
    Gerbers are large, brightly colored flowers with many different colors.
  14. Alstroemeria
    Alstros are in the lily family and are favored for their extreme longevity in arrangements.
  15. Gladiolas
    Glads are most commonly used in memorial pieces. Their long stalks add grandiosity and drama.
  16. Dianthus
    Dianthus - or carnations - can be regular sized with a single flower per stem or miniature with multiple blooms per stem.
  17. Hydrangea
    Hydrangeas add bulk and elegance to an arrangement.
  18. Chamomile
    Looking like small, delicate bundles of daisies, chamomile have gained popularity in rustic, country weddings.
  19. Gypsophila
    Commonly called baby's breath, gypsophila is a filler that has become one of the most popular wedding flowers.
  20. Protea
    Protea are large, hardy blooms that deliver an exotic touch to an arrangement.
  21. Chrysanthemum
    Mums come in many different colors and can even be used as an inexpensive replacement for other flowers.
  22. Sunflower
    In the mid-nineties, the sunflower became a trend. Twenty years later, that trend has become a classic.
  23. Matthiola
    Referred to as "stock", these linear flowers are available in: purple, lavender, white, cream, magenta, and pink.
  24. Amaranthus
    "Love-Lies-Bleeding" is a drooping flower mass available in many different colors.
  25. Dusty Miller
    Dusty Miller
    The sage green leaves coated in thin, white fuzz give dusty miller a silver appearance.
  26. Statice
    Available in: white, purple, lavender, and pink, statice is a papery filler with a bold color and texture.
  27. Delphinium
    Delphinium have gained popularity with the rise of blue as a wedding color.
  28. Scabiosa Pod
    Scabiosa Pod
    The dried pod of the scabiosa flower has recently emerged as a filler that adds intrigue and interest in any floral design.
  29. Lisianthus
    Lizzies have been a longtime favorite flower for weddings.
  30. Spider Mum
    Spider Mum
    The firework shape of the petals in the spider mum have made it very popular for its interesting shape and texture.
  31. Anemone
    These delicate flowers offer many different color varieties with their contrasting centers and silky petals.
  32. Bells of Ireland
    Bells of Ireland
    The long stalks of the Bells of Ireland are bright green and are typically mistaken for greenery.
  33. Daucus Carota
    Daucus Carota
    Known as "Queen Anee's Lace", this is a slightly more elegant replacement for gypsophila.
  34. Solidago
    Solidago (or "Goldenrod") is a bright yellow filler that adds a wildflower feel to rose arrangements.
  35. Celosia
    The soft and feathery blooms of the celosia are a perfect touch of filler in any arrangement.
  36. Liatris
    This is a linear flower to add vertical height.
  37. Anthurium
    These long lasting blooms add a dramatic or tropical feel to a bouquet
  38. Green Ball Dianthus
    Green Ball Dianthus
    Technically a carnation, these mossy balls add a garden feel to an arrangement
  39. Hyacinth
    Seasonal and fragrant, hyacinths are a delightful spring flower
  40. Charmelia
    This brand new breed of flower is closely related to alstroemeria and lasts just as long
  41. Iris
    Available in many variations, irises add geometric interest to a bouquet